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At Hope Hospice, we believe everyone deserves comfort, dignity, and peace in life’s closing chapter. With your help, we can offer More Hope to families who need our compassionate care.

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More Moments

Bride kissing her mother More Memories

When time is of the essence, we’re ready to help create memories that last a lifetime. Knowing that her mother’s condition was quickly worsening, Maureen wanted her to be able to attend her wedding. Hope staff and volunteers sprang into action on short notice, arranging for a photographer, videographer, organist, cake, champagne, and flowers to complete the joyful celebration at the Hope Care Center. With best doggie-woman Biscuit by her side, Maureen walked down the aisle and granted her mother’s most heartfelt wish.

Dog with name tag More Cuddles

The special bond between people and their pets is like no other. At Hope, we celebrate the unconditional love a cherished dog or cat can provide. Pet Visitors delight people in our care, and volunteers provide support for beloved pets in patients’ homes. Our team even finds homes for pets if they need to join another loving family. Australian Shepherd, Toro, is one of many gentle animals that spread joy throughout Hope.

Child sleeping in backseat of car More Peace

At seven years old, Sophia was receiving bereavement counseling services from Hope after the loss of her father. A Hope volunteer created “Personal Treasures” – a bear and pillow sewn from the fabric of one of her father’s shirts. Her mother, Alana, said, “I have never seen Sophia fall asleep like this before – so fast and in this position. Thank you.” (Safety note: The car was parked.)

Woman in bed smiling with toys and candy More Celebrations

At Hope, birthdays are truly special. It is an honor to celebrate the lives of those in our care, especially when we commemorate 100 spectacular years of life. Each year, Hope hosts birthday parties for people of all ages. We celebrated Ruth’s 103rd birthday with a party that included a sparkly tiara, cuddly gifts, cake, and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday sung by our team.

Woman in bed saluting with a Red, White, and Blue blanket More Honor

Caring for the brave men and women who served our country is a privilege. Hope’s VALOR program acknowledges the sacrifices made by those in uniform and their families. Blaise, who served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, returned a special salute to Hope’s Honor Guard. The volunteer Honor Guard presents the American flag, a lapel pin, quilt, veteran bear, and a custom certificate honoring each veteran’s service.

Girl smiling with glasses in bed More Dreams

As Erica began spending more time in bed, her senses became increasingly important to her. She worried that she wouldn’t be able to learn to play the piano, which had been a long-held ambition of hers. One of Hope’s music therapists designed the perfect solution. Erica received a lap piano that she could play from bed. All the keys were marked with different colors to help with her vision problems. In her excitement to learn, Erica soon mastered multiple songs, to the delight of her care team.


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What can your gift do? Your financial support provides more comfort for people of all ages at the end of life. Here are a few examples of how your donation can immediately help:
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provides comforting, home-delivered medications to relieve symptoms

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provides helpful medical equipment, like oxygen to support peaceful, easy breathing

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As we continue to grow with Southwest Florida, we’re achieving more impact through our comprehensive programs and services. Last year, Hope helped more than 6,000 hospice patients and their families, including:

Actor/Comedian Kevin Nealon and his family share their Hope Hospice experience

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Our greatest funding need is for comforting hospice care, but you may also support other Hope programs and services that are truly special.

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