Gabriel with new guitar for music therapy

A Gift for Gabriel

Gabriel was a normal, active 16-year-old teenager when his life changed dramatically. Suddenly, he could no longer run, play his favorite sports, or even attend school. He became extremely withdrawn. After connecting with Hope Kids Care, things finally started to change. When Gabriel first met his Music Therapist, Kim, he began to crack a smile when she brought out a guitar. Sensing an opening, Kim asked if Gabriel wanted to try playing it by himself. With an even wider smile, he agreed.

Today, Gabriel tells us that Music Therapy helps him relax and de-stress. Kim shared, “After 15 minutes of playing the guitar, he’ll start to smile even more. Gabriel also plays the drums – when he does, his hands are more relaxed. He tells us that feels it in his brain, in his back, and he loves how he feels afterwards.”

Seeing how powerfully Gabriel responded to her therapeutic interventions, Kim wanted him to have a guitar of his own. One of the older instruments in the Hope closet just needed a little TLC before it would make a great gift for Gabriel. Kim carefully glued the neck and body together, replaced the strings, and polished the wood. As this picture shows, he was absolutely thrilled with her thoughtful present.

Now that he can play at home any time he wants, Gabriel hopes to learn more chords to create the music he likes most – songs with styles and rhythms that reflect his Dominican heritage. Kim is excited to see his progress… and to see his smile grow even wider!

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